Ink, Ink, and more Ink!

Hey guys,

Every week we are going to start doing a blog. So here goes nothing!

One of the most important things to know when it comes to screen printing is what type of ink (not paint) to use for each job. Here at Mile Tree Screen Printing there are three different types of ink we offer. Each with a different purpose, look, and feel.

Plastisol Ink is the most commonly used ink for screen printing and what we use the most in our shop. With plastisol ink we are able to offer you many different ink effects.

Watercolor –  Has the softness of water-based inks without the drawbacks such as drying in the screen and long cure times with high cure temperatures.  Watercolor inks are perfect for a vintage look.

Metallic Inks – Gives you sparkle while also being able to hold high detail!

Glitter Inks – Big glitter flakes for big sparkle!

Lumiflect – Reflective screen printing ink

Glow in the dark – Speaks for itself!

Puff Inks – Puff is an old school special effect and does exactly as it says after it is cured

Solarmax Inks – Clear indoors and they change into a vivid color under sunlight.

Velvet – A special effect plastisol ink designed to have a suede appearance or a fuzzy feel.

Blacklight White – White ink does not normally glow under blacklights.  It will look gray and dull.  The EJ Blacklight White solves this problem for use with glow in the dark inks and fluorescent inks.

As you can tell just from this short list there are a lot of different effects that we can do for you to make your shirts stand out!

Two of the other types of printing that we offer that are quickly becoming favorites are waterbased and discharge printing. These inks allow us to give you an extremely soft feel on each shirt. They wont work on every shirt we offer though so there are a few limitations. Waterbased and discharge inks actually change the color of the fabric they are on versus the plastisol ink that sits on top of the fabric. In addition to printing T-shirts with these inks we can also offer printing on some different things that we can’t do when using plastisol inks, for example yard signs, boxes, and bags. the possibilities are endless!

As you can tell just from this short list there are a lot of different effects that we can do for you to make your shirts or whatever it is that you may want printed stand out!


Until next time!

Caleb Miller – Mile Tree Screen Printing

Puff Ink – Finished product

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